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Get To Know Merrie

Merrie is an amazing makeup artist and a new mom to baby Ivy. She is always sharing uplifting and positive ideas on her Instagram, She is incredibly talented and is the eyeshadow queen! 

Enjoy her bronzey/smokey eyeshadow tutorial! Next date night, try rocking this look!

Why She Loves lashes

1. Lashes are probably the number one step in my beauty routine that instantly make me feel pretty. I feel like lashes take a look from level 3 to level 10!!

2. Once you get the hang of applying lashes (and B Lashes are the easiest lashes to apply of all the many, many brands and types I’ve tried!!) then they make it SO fast and easy to feel glam. For instance, I can go with very minimal makeup on the rest of my face, but with lashes I still feel super put together.

3. I personally believe in enjoying, savoring, and celebrating my life every day, so why not dress up and glam up in the way that makes me feel beautiful most days?! I just don’t see a point in only feeling pretty for special occasions—that’s boring! That’s why I personally love to wear lashes day to day.

4. Lashes look AMAZING in photos. Whether you are getting professional photos done or taking selfies, lashes are a total game changer!!

Website: https://www.merriemakeupartist.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/merriemakeupartist/

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