Bronzey/Bold Holiday Glam Tutorial

I LOVE a great eyeshadow look.  I tend to stick to bronze colors more since i have blue eyes and it's super complimentary. I'm going to link some of my favorite bronze shade eyeshadow palettes. Truthfully, you really only need about 1-2 eyeshadow palettes... coming from the girl that has over 50! In my defense I bought most of then when I was a makeup artist! 

Holiday makeup looks shouldn't be complicated and have dozen of steps. I love fresh looking skin with a bold lip or eyes!

Keep things simple this holiday season! My favorite way to dress up a makeup look is using a great shimmer eyeshadow, my go to lipstick colors and of course... LASHES!! 

Here's a breakdown of the products I used for this tutorial! If you want help finding some makeup products, please feel free to send me a DM or comment below on this post! I LOVE makeup shopping! 

1. Bronze Eyeshadow Palette- 

I love this Tarte palette for tons of color options! 

This Morphe palette is a great budget friendly option that offers tons of great colors!

I love all things NYX and this palette is small enough to fit in almost any makeup bag which is the BEST!

2. Shimmer/Highlight-

I LOVE LOVE the Benefit cookie highlighter for just about anything. I use it on my cheek bones and my eyes. It pack a punch when it comes to pigment which is amazing! Plus, it will last you a super long time. 

3. Lashes and Eyeliner

I wanted to go for a more natural looking lash with such a bold eyeshadow makeup look! I chose the "Olive" lashes from *cough cough* this website, lol! 

I also used our BRAND NEW Brush on black lash adhesive! It doubles as eyeliner and keeps your lashes on all day long! Say goodbye to lashes popping up midday! Our formula stays tacky all day long without bugging your eyes! 

4. Makeup Brushes

I love all of It Cosmetics Brushes as well as NYX brushes! I will link two of my favorite eyeshadow brushes that I've had for years

Larger fluffy brush- NYX Cosmetics

Smaller fluffy brush- It Cosmetics


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