Eyeliner of Lash glue?! A New Way to Apply Lashes


Are false lashes something you feel like you can never do?! WHY NOT?! Let me help you solve the false lash riddle. They take practice, that’s for sure. Learn from someone like me! I’ve been earring false lashes for 10 years now, I’d say I’m a pro (;

  1. Measure and trim lashes (full tutorial on IGTV)
  2. Curl and apply mascara
  3. Grab your fave lash glue
  4. Apply lash glue on eyelid like eyeliner
  5. Apply falsies with lash applicator
  6. THAT’S it!

AND BOOM! How incredible! What a fun and unique way to apply false lashes! Use your lash adhesive as eyeliner glue the next time you go to apply lashes. I’m telling you, this is the most genius idea ever!

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xo, Bri Calaway

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