Full Lashes and Nude Lips

It's no secret I'm a huge lash lover... I mean, I down own shopblashed.com (;

I love nothing more than a gorgeous full lash and the perfect nude lip! I've searched high and love for years for some amazing nude lip colors! I have a list of some that are my GO TO's! 

Full lashes

My favorite full lashes on shopblashed.com are Paige, Autumn, Stella and Olive! 

The style I'm wearing in this tutorial is the "Paige" lash!


Nude Lip Liners

1. NYX lip liner "Nude Suede Shoes"

This color is definitely a more muted pink. I wouldn't say it pulls too orange or purple! It's like a pale rose color. It looks juts like my normal lip color! 


2. Mac Cosmetics "Boldly Bare"

I LOVE this lip liner when I want a warmer tone nude! It shows up a bit more orange than a regular pink nude lip liner! 


3. Mac Cosmetics "Soar"

Soar is more of a purple/pink/nude lip liner. If that's what you're into than this one is AMAZING!! It's gorgeous on warmer skin tones! 


Nude Lipstick

1. Mac Cosmetics Powder Kiss "Reverence"

The powder kiss formula is a matte formula that feels like powder on your lips and I LOVE IT! It stays for hours and this color is a rosy pink tone! My favorite! It's for sure my go to for events. 


2. NYX soft matte lip cream "Stockholm"

This is my go to lip color for every single day. It's more of a peachy nude color and I love the texture of this lipstick! It's priced super friendly and they offer tons of color options! 


3. KKW Nude "1" and Nude "1.5"

The KKW lipsticks are new ones I just started using about a week ago! There is no scent to them. They smell like old lipstick and I feel like they dry your lips out a bit but honestly.... WORTH IT! I love how nude these lipsticks are and they're the perfect combo for any nude lip! 

SHOP HERE "Nude 1", SHOP HERE "Nude 1.5"

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