June Favorites

Summer is here and I have soo many good products I want to share that are my go to products for the summer time! Let me know what are some of your go to summer products in the comments too! I live in Las vegas, so the products that I use HAVE to work! Here's a list of what I love. Enjoy! xo

  1. L'oreal Foundation- SHOP HERE Infallible glow foundation! My FAVE! This foundation has minimum coverage but it makes your complexion so freaking gorgeous! It comes in a large variety of colors which is amazing! There is also a matte version that I love to mix with the glow foundation. 
  2. One Piece Swimsuit- SHOP HERE This is my FAVORITE swimsuit. Don't be turned away because it's a one piece! It is sooo flattering and still super sexy. It really holds you in which is awesome. Totally family bbq approved. 
  3. Luna Lux Gems Bamboo Hoop Earrings- SHOP HERE These earrings are everything to me. I am not a huge jewelry wearer, like at all. But I cannot resist these earrings. They are so comfy, and are designed by my beautiful friend, Mia! She is a small business owner and is creating an incredible business. These are the perfect gold hoops for the summer.
  4. Thin Band Ring- SHOP HERE What a stunning simple piece of jewelry! I love very simple and delicate jewels and this little ring is the perfect touch to a quick summer outfit. 
  5. Amazon Summer Dress- SHOP HERE This dress is my go to for summer time. It is so cute as a swimsuit cover up or paired with a white tee underneath or a jean jacket! It comes in tons of different patterns so there's a color for everyone! It is TTS (true to size)
  6. Flawless Filter Skin Perfector- SHOP HERE I wear this when I don't want to put anything thing else on my face! This flawless filter quite literally PERFECTS your skin. It is glowy, dewy and blurs errrthanggg. SO. SO. GOOD. 
  7. Mac "Boldly Bare" Lipliner- SHOP HERE This is my go to lip color. It's a coral"y" pink color. I wear it all year long but it is perfect for summer time. I love the Mac lip liner because they really last throughout the day. I also love the "Angel" lipstick! 
  8. Steve Madden Mules- SHOP HERE I have to admit, I am a quitter. I used to rock 3-4 inch heels all summer before I had a baby. I PROMISED myself I wouldn't become a women who wore flat shoes... HAHAH now here I am. telling you that these FLAT SHOES are life. But it's true, they really are. These mules have a little heel to them so they still are a bit sassy pants. Ugh. I just adore these shoes. 
  9. L'oreal Incredi Brow Brow Gel- SHOP HERE This brow gel will not budge even when you're in the pool or ocean. It stays on your brows all day long! Such a great deal. 
  10. Urban Outfitters Hat- SHOP HERE This hat has been a lifesaver for me when I don't have time to do my hair! it is also great tow ear outside while you're by the pool to protect your skin from the sun. 
  11. Image Skincare Sunscreen- SHOP HERE This sunscreen is my lifesaver. It is incredible. I even put it on my baby girl, it is super gentle! I spend most of my summer in the sun and since I am very fair, I NEED to protect my skin so I don't have skin cancer when I'm older. It sounds extreme but it is not!
  12. NYX Stockholm Lipstick- SHOP HERE If you know, you know. This is my favorite lip color of all time. I have several tubes of it all over my house, in my purse, in my babies, stroller, it's everywhere! 


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