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We're all stuck at home right now and most of us are trying to learns something new, gain a new skill, clean up or honestly, we are just SO happy to have some down time! Shop some of our fave quarantine beauty products! 

We're all doing the very best we can right now. And in no way is this fun activity a way to make you feel bad about yourself if you DON'T get ready or if you DO.

 Everyone copes with challenges their own way. I deal with mine by controlling what I can control. That means lashes and a little makeup (: Enjoy!

House 1.

Living at home, no where to go, no need to get super done up
but you still want to feel refreshed and put together. 



House 2.

Needing to feel you have somewhere to go, but we really don't, lol!  

Jane Lashes- Shop here
Tinted Moisturizer- Super Goop CC Cream
Brow Pencil- NYX Fill and Fluff
Spot Concealer- Too Faced Multi Sculpt Concealer
Blush/ Lip Tint- NUDESTIX Cream lip + blush duo 



House 3. 

Yeah, we're stuck at home but I still need to get myself ready
to feel like I can get through my day.  
Olive Lashes- Shop here

House 4.

Quarantine isn't stopping me from being this GLAM!
Stella Lashes- Shop here
Brow Powder- Essence Brow Palette


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