Top 10 Amazon Prime Day Beauty Items

1.OBSESSED with this tinted sunscreen! It is easy to apply and the coverage is great! Obsession score: 10/10.

2. An ESSENTIAL beauty item for me. My skin refuses to look sun kissed so I have to bath in this self tanner! Obsession score: 10/10.

3. Gone are the days where we need 10 different hot tools products. THIS one curling iron does it all. Blow out waves, tight curls, 3 barrel curls AND straightens! Obsession score: 10/10.

4. This has over 50,000 review... I mean, that's says a lot right! I keep a bottle in my car, makeup bag and even one for my kids! Obsession score: 10/10.

 5. DON'T knock it until you try it! Pink Sugar perfume is really the OG of perfumes. it's pretty high up there with Ed Hardy. Obsession score: 10/10

 6. URGENT URGENT!!! Nyx Soft matte Lip Cream is under $2! NO ONE PANICH (insert Michael Scott meme) Must have colors: Stockholm, Athens, Istanbul YOU'RE WELCOME. Obsession score: 100/10

7. The only makeup brushes I use. SO budget friendly and the quality is unmatched. This is a great starter kit. Obsession score: 10/10

8. It's like we're in the early 2000's and claw clips are here to stay!! I've been using these to help my hair grow out instead of ponytails. They have a little texture to them so your hair doesn't slide out. For my my thick hair girls, you need these.


9. Not to be dramatic but my life changed when I switched to silk pillow cases. My hair is so much healthier and so is my sin. Obsession score: 10/10

10. Dare I say this is better than the Stanley? I think they're pretty similar. I have both and I reach for both equally. Great price point. The best way to transform your skin and hair? DRINK WATER. Obsession score: 10/10



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