Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift to bring to your Galentine's day party with all your bestie girls? Trying to give your lover a hint on what you REALLY want? OR are you just looking for an amazing gift for yourself?!

Our Valentine's Day gift guide is filled with beauty products that are worth ALL the hype and other amazing goodies you'll fall in LOVE with. 



1. B.lashed Lashes- OF COURSE we have to include lashes in our gift guide! You can never go wrong with gifting these stunning lashes! They are made on a cotton lash band which is SUPER comfy and each pair of lashes can be worn 30+ times! They are unreal! Our best seller is for sure our "essential" bundle! You're welcome (;

2. Sly Beauty Aerosol Bag- I LOVE to bring this bag on trips with me or even throw in into my diaper bag! It is easy to clean and comes in several gorgeous colors! This bag makes for a great gift for your or a friend! 

3. KKW Perfume- Ok... this perfume is SO yummy. It's a warm, musky, vanilla filled scent that is super romantic! I think it's a super good scent for all seasons too!

4. Fuzzy Slippers- WOW. WOW. WOW. These slippers are literally clouds on dem feetsies. They come in several cute colors! But HOW can you go wrong with a cream color slipper!

5. Stela and Haas Hoops- I am IN LOVE with these earrings! You can never ever go wrong with a gorgeous pair of go to hoops! Also, this is a small business owned by an amazing women! 

6. Roses n Rose Coffee Body Scrub- TLC is essential for us women. Especially when it's time for a glam shower... You know those showers where you know you are going to have to scrub down, wash the hair, shave the legs and spend extra time rubbing your bod down with lotion! This scrub is everything to me and makes my skin so soft! 

7. Shop Dear Lash Love Graphic Tees- let's be real, what women doesn't love a soft/cozy graphic tee?! Lorena has some amazing lash inspired graphic tees! 

8. KKW Lipstick- I mean any lipstick, really! I love the "Pink 1" lipstick from KKW as well as the "Nude 1 and 1.5" 

8. Isle of Paradise Tan Drops- These drops are mixed in with your favorite moisturizer and HOLY MOLY they work amazing! 

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