Weekly Kid Links

1. I have several pairs of these pajamas for my kids! They wash well and last a super long time! 

2. Never waste time on any other bibs besides the silicon bibs. These are a lifesaver for babies! 

3. These cups fit in car seat cup holders which is amazing! They keep water super cold and they don't leak! 

4. My kids have this small table in the kitchen and they love to do crafts, eat snacks and color! It's so cute! 

5. I ordered these slimes for Coco's class for their treasure chest. Such a good deal for so many of them. They make cute birthday gifts too! 

6. I got these for Coco for back to school. They are so cute and comfy for her! They come in a few different colors. A great price and super fashionable. 

7. My kids love to build towers with these block and make racetracks! They aren't super big so they are easy to store away! 

8. This toddler wake alarm is amazing if you need to keep your kids in their room for a few extra minutes! The light turns green when you want them to get out of bed! And it comes with a sticker chart for rewards. 

9. One of our favorite board games to play! This game keeps Coco and Cooper busy for a long time while I make dinner. 

10. Both my kids sleep with a Warmies at night. It is a weighted stuffed animal. You can heat it up and it's super comforting. 

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