BLASHED - Mink Eyelash Application and Care


Each pair of B.LASHED eyelashes is lovingly handmade with care. We use the highest quality luxury materials. The lash band is made of soft 100% cotton to maximize comfort and durability. The lashes fibers are 100% cruelty-free mink fur. Real mink hair fibers give each pair of B.LASHED lashes the most natural and realistic look possible-- at an affordable price!

Since all of B.LASHED lashes are handmade, each lash is unique with slight natural variances. These variances are what make 3D mink eyelashes look natural compared to synthetic mass-produced plastic types. Product images are indicative of lash design but there may be small differences between the lash you receive and the lash you see on screen. Each B.LASHED lash is an individual – just like you are!


1. When you are ready to wear your lash gently remove the tray from the box (do not discard plastic tray as this will keep your lashes safe between uses).

2. Using your fingers or tweezers gently remove the lashes from the tray. As our lashes have been delicately hand made to deliver the most natural look it is important that you be very gentle when removing them from the tray to avoid damage. We use a small amount of adhesive to attach the lash to the tray for safe transport and storage. This glue may be removed at your discretion.

3. To avoid damage and extend the life of your lashes only apply lash adhesive to the band of the lash. Avoid getting any glue on the lash fibers as later removal can be damaging to the lash

4. Prior to removing your lashes apply a small amount of makeup remover to a cotton pad and apply it to the lash band for 10 seconds. This will soften the lash adhesive making it much easier to remove the lashes without damaging them. Remove your lashes gently with fingers.

5. To store your lashes between uses clean off all old lash adhesive and place them back on their tray with plastic tray cover in place. Keeping the lashes in their case will keep them safe and also retain their shape and band curvature for future uses.

    6. Repeat! With proper care, B.LASHED lashes may be worn 20-25 times.


    Can I curl my B.LASHED lashes?

    Yes!! You can curl your B.LASHED eyelashes the same way that you curl your own! Please use gentle pressure when doing so and avoid the use of heated eyelash curlers, as this may damage the mink hair fibers. 

    How do I customize my B.LASHED lashes to fit my eye shape?

    Each pair of B.LASHED lashes has been designed to be fully customizable. Using a small pair of scissors, gently trim the cotton lash band at either end to customize the width for your eye shape. If you are a beginner we recommend trimming small millimeters of the band off at a time and sizing them against your eye to avoid trimming them too short. Each mink hair fiber naturally tapers from the base of the hair to the end; so please do not cut the ends of the mink hairs as this will result in them looking less natural! 

    What are B.LASHED lashes made of?

    All B.LASHED eyelashes are made using the highest quality 100% mink fur. We do not use synthetic fur, plastic, or silk fibers which is why B.LASHED lashes last longer and are naturally beautiful. Each B.LASHED eyelash is handmade using mink hair fibers that mimic the look and feel of real human eyelashes. The band is made of soft 100% cotton to maximize comfort and durability.