Lash Cleaning Class


Have you heard? I offer FREE lash/makeup classes every Wednesday night at 8pm PST!! YUP! {details are in link in bio} Tonights class will piggyback on last weeks “how to apply lashes” class! We’ll learn aftercare!

Meeting Details

WHEN: Wednesday, January 22 @8:00pm

WHERE: HERE! Use this code to log in 686-765-828

We Will Learn How To

1.How to carefully remove your false lash from your lash line

2.How to remove excess lash glue

3.A quick clean for your lashes

4.Properly placing them back in their case

How To Watch is what I use to host my classes {link in bio}

2.If you aren’t able to log onto your computer, you can always watch on Instagram Live! Click here

Lash discount code will be included!

This will be super informative. Invite your friends to watch too! xo