Lash Consults

Hey, it's Bri! The owner of b.lashed. Did you know I do FREE WEEKLY lash classes on Instagram live? YUP. And they are tons and tons of fun!

Come join the party this week! We are going to be talking about our BRAND NEW LASH QUIZ! We created a highly accurate lash quiz that helps you choose the best lashes for your eye shape! 

I will also be doing 3 LIVE lash consults with 3 of you!! Want to be a part of this?? Send me a message HERE or email me at

Class Details:

WHEN: Wednesday, April 15 @7:00pm PST (las Vegas time)

WHERE: Instagram LIVE Click here to join

We Will Learn How To

1. This will be a unique class! I'll be walking you through our new LASH QUIZ available on

2. And of course, I'll be sharing lash application tipsWant a personal lash consultation with me! I'll be helping you pick out lashes during class as well!

This will be super informative. Invite your friends to watch too! If you miss the LIVE class, don't worry! I will have a recorded version of the class right here Thursday, April 2.